Unlocking Canadian marketplace value; Unlocking your potential

The routing of a product provides opportunity to create value-generating milestones within an increasingly complex supply chain. Opportunities exist not only at primary sales points but through each channel as well.

Our services are scalable and can be leveraged separately or combined with other services to maximize supply chain value.

E-Commerce order fulfillment

At Portside Warehousing and Distribution, we provide inventory storage, management and fulfillment services to E-Commerce sellers of all types and sizes.

Third Party Logistics Services

Unlike other 3PL providers, Portside can support supply chain requirements throughout the product lifecycle. We provide supply chain solutions that deliver the greatest return on investment for your products.

Contract Packaging

Product packaging, postponement and kitting and assembly combined with distribution operations.

Warehousing and Distribution

Warehouse design and management and distribution services in both dedicated and shared, multi-customer environments.

Transportation Logistics

Complete managed transportation services, as well as parcel, supply chain engineering and freight solutions.

Reverse Logistics

Management of the reverse flow of product, information and cash, including value-added services such as test, repair and refurbishment, product recall management and recycling services.

Inventory Liquidation

Liquidation services to maximize recovery value on returns, surplus and closeout inventory.

Damage Research

Research and analysis services that help reduce product damage and lost profit due to un-saleable goods.

Green Initiatives

Sustainable practices, including recycling services and continuous improvement methodology, designed to provide visibility, be regulatory compliant, meet data security requirements and ensure the highest recovery value.